Happy 40th Annual Life Day!


40 years ago, George Lucas shocked audiences with his follow-up to 1977’s Star Wars, The Star Wars Holiday Special. Over time this atrocity has gone down in SW history as the worst offense in fandom. Chewbacca’s family is eagerly awaiting his arrival to celebrate their Wookiee tradition, Life Day, and as Chewbacca is delayed, the family is involved in ridiculous antics and messages no short of ludicrous.

His father, Itchy, watches some VR porn music. His wife, Malla, cooks up some ‘Bantha Surprise’ despite having fur and not being able to handle ingredients. And his son, Lumpy, experiences an augmented reality circus film before being threatened by stormtroopers.

This year, 2018 brings us the 40th anniversary of the infamous TV movie (if you can call it that), and we thought it as good a time as any to reintroduce our favorite segment of the podcast, Fanboy Commentary. Ever hear of Mystery Science Theater 3000? Well it’s like that, but way better and far more explicit.

To make things even more absurd, when we got ahold of the Holiday Special, we not only found the full movie, we also came across a VHS recording of the special as it aired, which means - yep, you guessed it - it included all the commercial breaks from the debut. We got to see General Motors commercials, 60 Minutes promos, and an ad for the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (starring men). Yes. Yes, you read that correctly.

So, this holiday season, as you sit down by yourself with a few cold beers after your family has gone to bed, throw on some headphones and fire up Lucas’ biggest blunder, and laugh along with us for the Holiday Special.


Normal Movie

Super Special 70s Commercial Version


If you cue up the above YouTube videos, you can watch the entire Holiday Special with our commentary track mixed in.

But, if for some reason you own a copy of this garbage, feel free to cue up the podcast version and sync up our commentary track with your movie. You can listen to it here on the site, or, find it on your favorite podcast app.