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Force of July Tattoo Art Show

  • RedTree Tattoo Gallery 1002 North 4th Street Columbus, OH, 43201 United States (map)

The "Force of July” Star Wars art show at RedTree Tattoo Gallery is this July 13th-15th, 2018 at RedTree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, OH. This art show will be a collection of various Star Wars paintings and fine art from Star Wars influenced tattoo artists and painters. The art gallery opening for the “Force of July” art show will also be a part of a Star Wars weekend at RedTree Tattoo Gallery. RedTree will have a Star Wars walk-in flash day with the crew on Friday, July 13th with the “Force of July” art show opening Saturday, July 14th, followed by Sunday evening cosmic paint night at RedTree with all of the artists! If you would like to submit a piece of art for this art show from a galaxy far far away, please email us at If you would like to ship any art for the show, please ship to: 1002 N Fourth St, Columbus OH 43201. Submission deadline is July 1st. To see more on RedTree Tattoo Gallery, be sure to visit the website at

Would you like to submit a piece of art into the upcoming “Force of July” Star Wars art show at RedTree Tattoo Gallery? Are you interested in participating in the “Force of July” art show this July 14th at RedTree? Below are a few details in regards to submitting artwork:

Submission deadline is July 1st. All submitted artwork must be framed or finished for display. Maximum size painting is 24 by 36 inches. Paintings can be acrylic or oil (oil paintings must be fully dry for submission). Paintings must be shipped at artist’s expense and RedTree will cover shipping back. Please include information for your artwork, including name, title, medium, and pricing and website information. Paintings will remain at RedTree Tattoo Gallery for a minimum of four months as part of the extended art show. The opening art gallery show will be July 14th starting at 6pm until midnight and will be followed on Sunday with the cosmic paint night that you are invited to attend with the other artists. 

Feel free to ship your paintings when they are complete to 1002 N Fourth St., Columbus OH 43201.

Please let us know if you have any other questions and may the force be with you!

Participating artists so far:

  • Carl Grace
  • Chris Dingwell
  • Durb Morrison
  • Marvin Silvia
  • Adam France
  • Anthony Iannucci
  • Gabriel Londis
  • Monk Taylor
  • Alexandra Fische
  • Timothy Boor
  • Daniel Fisher
  • Lawrence Woods
  • Christa Zurich
  • Toby G
  • Brion Norwalk
  • Matthew Lukesh
  • Richard Cook
  • Sorin Gabor
  • Nathan Marti
  • Lindsay Steger
  • Frank Lanatra
  • Rusty Dornhecker
  • Joe Casal
  • Nicole Elisa
  • Marty Mctatty
  • Bryan Sanchez
  • Tony Campise
  • Jason Anthony Freeman
  • Phil Robertson
  • Matthew Nelson
  • Tony Carey
  • Anthony Dubois
  • Jenn Siegfried
  • Ben Duarte
  • Greg Drake
  • Steve Neff
  • Inner Visions
  • Tivon Creager
  • Mike Pritchet
  • Joe Knuckles
  • Matt Carlyle
  • Cary Aldridge
  • Rich Sneider
  • Kevin Decker
  • Andala Rae
  • Andrew Meeuwes
  • Larry Bone
  • John Spinoso
  • Jared stomber
  • Jenn Siegfried
  • Paul Breece
  • Phil Robertson
  • Matthew Nelson
  • Christa Zurich
  • Steve Gendron
  • Gunnar Gaylord
  • Scotty Munster
  • Dave Tevenal
  • Tony Terrell
  • Eric Adkins
  • Jacob Brentzel
  • Michael Harchaoui
  • Katie Small
  • James Hall
  • Darren F. Gideon
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