107: The Eye Of Reclamation


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Beer Review:

  • YumYum American Pale Ale - 3 Floyds Brewing Co.

  • 2 out of 3 Stars

  • We picked up this beer because it has an awesome label, and it’s tasty!

  • Check out what we’re drinking using Untappd! (Download the mobile app > open up your friends > click Add > search for “Rogue Squad Pod”)

D23 Recap

  • New behind the scenes video for The Last Jedi

  • Aladdin, Mary Poppins, and Dumbo live action movies

  • New Jumanji trailer

  • Star Wars Land theme park and hotel - watch a video of the model

  • Battlefront 2 campaign reveal - it focuses on the Empire and it looks really cool!

The Last Jedi Speculation

  • Are Rey and Kylo essentially just Jaina  and Jacen?

  • The chosen one prophecy

  • Who’s going to die?

Game of Thrones:

  • Season 7 recap

  • What will happen in season 8?!

  • What can Bran do with his powers?

  • Is Daenerys unstoppable?

  • Do ice dragons exist? Maybe a Lapras?

  • The Stark children are doing alright (well, most of them… sorry Rob)

  • What if Rey is a Lannister?



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