108: Handful Of Bad Opinions


We're living in a time where there is just TOO MUCH GOD DAMN STUFF TO TALK ABOUT but we won't complain, because it's a great time to be a nerd.

Catch our full Spider-Man: Homecoming review in this episode, as well as some arguments about DC vs. Marvel, more thoughts about Rey, and one of the best beers we've ever had.

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Beer Review:

  • One Goal, One Rye’d - Rye Pale Ale - Land-Grant Brewing Company

  • 3/3 Stars

  • Check out what we’re drinking using Untappd! (Download the mobile app > open up your friends > click Add > search for “Rogue Squad Pod”)


Plans for Episodes VIII & IX

  • The sequel trilogy apparently wasn’t planned out ahead of time

  • …or was it?

  • A new Star Wars novel (probably) debunks the Rey Solo theory

  • Kylo’s new fighter was revealed!


Spider-Man: Homecoming review




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