114: Dragon Lilies


Sit back and shut the fuck up while you listen to us ramble about nothing.

Oh, and don't forget - we have an event coming up on December 14th for opening night of The Last Jedi! Mopar will be in attendance, in person!




Force Friday:

  • Force Friday wasn’t as good as last year, but toys are still fun!

  • Cody got a sweet haul, including a Commander Cody figure


Rebels Season 4:

  • The trailer is out!

  • Cody predicts how the show will end

  • Watch it here


The Killing Joke & The Joker:

  • Mopar watched the The Killing Joke animated movie and gives it a 7.5/10

  • If you didn’t know already, Mark Hamill voices the Joker, and he’s excellent

  • Talk is that Scorsese is producing an upcoming Joker origin movie, which they want to star Leonardo DiCaprio


Other Star Wars News:


Game of Thrones:

  • Season 7 is already over!

  • Cody and Mopar save a spoilery-ass discussion for the end

  • Also, fan theories about what will happen in season 8




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