115: F*ck A Certain Point Of View

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Thanks to all the live streamers out there, you keep us honest. Honestly drunk.

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  • Mad Elf - Spicy Belgian - Tröegs Independent Brewing - 1 Star

  • Fruitalica - Double IPA - Stone / Beavertown / Garage Project collaboration - 1 Star



  • We spoil the sh*t out of IT

  • Was it perfect? No. Did we love it? Yes!

  • Pennywise is excellent

  • Graphics are (mostly) good

  • We then look at the best horror movies on Rotten Tomatoes

  • We give it 3/3 stars!

Episode VIII & IX:

  • We’re planning an event for the The Last Jedi premiere! (December 14th, 2017)

  • Where is The Last Jedi trailer?!

  • Trevorrow is no longer directing Episode IX

  • No more new Star Wars movies on Netflix… but Disney is making their own streaming service

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny:

  • It’s awesome that Star Wars has content for all ages

  • Forces of Destiny is too young for us, but we like that it exists



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