117: Habitat For Ewoks

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Lord Kerner got drunk like 2 hours before this and forgot the g*d damned alphabet!!!!!! So enjoy it!


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  • It’s creepy, not a lot of jump scares, and we had a lot of fun watching IT!

  • Was the book narrated in a drunk Boston accent?

Star Wars Drama:

  • Colin Trevorrow is out and J.J. Abrams is back for Ep IX

  • Are you surprised that Disney’s plans are changing?

  • Mark Hamill tweeted about The Force Awakens trailer!

Fan Theories:

  • Part of the beauty of Star Wars is that not everything is explained… so we argue about what isn’t!

  • Who actually is “the chosen one?”

  • Is the prophecy about Jedi and Sith, or just balance?

  • Snope is ollllllld

  • Rey’s lineage?



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