#169: Drink Upon It


Fode showed up without chicken wings wtf

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This week's topics:

  • Remembering Stan Lee

  • Casting choices for The Mandalorian including Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano

  • Galaxy’s Edge Park Info - John Williams original score for the park, and two rides were teased

  • Star Wars Commonwealth Group Question: With Star Wars episode 9 a little over a year away, every Star Wars fan is in full speculation mode. We all have things we'd love to see in the final installment, but I see a huge focus on things we don't want to see. Reylo, Force Ghost Jamborees, the salvation of Ben Solo, these are just a couple of the major "Please Don'ts" of episode 9. My question is: Looking back at both the OT and the Prequels, what were some "please don'ts of their final installments that both made it into the film, and didn't make it? Which scenes do you think were not wanted by the general audience, but now years later, are beloved? Finally, do you think it's possible to have any of the "please don'ts" be in Episode 9 and have it change your mind if it's done correctly?


No Drink November has ended quite suddenly!

  • This week's beers: Rhinegeist's 'Dad' Hoppy Holiday Ale, Columbus Brewing's 'Citra Noel' Holiday IPA, and New Belgium's 'Accumulation' White IPA


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