#172: Crunch Rabbit Supreme


We’ve had enough of Aunt-Man

This week's topics:

  • Pokemon

  • Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel

  • Game of the Year winners from 1980 to today

  • We started playthroughs of retro Star Wars games, kicking things off with Dark Forces

  • Our 614 Magazine feature

  • BTBAM was nominated for a grammy

  • Our patreon gift exchange has commenced!

  • Don't miss our TLJ watch party this coming Saturday (patrons only)


Our weekly beer review is sponsored by Tavour!

  • 2/3 across the board - a bunch of it from Roy Pitz Brewing - it was all stupendous!

As craft beer fans we all know how hard it can be to get new brews from the smaller, local breweries around the States. Tavour fixes that issue by shoving new beers in your face (and on your doorstep). Tavour sends you beer recommendations, and it's as simple as adding them to your next box! You can customize everything on their app to make sure you're always getting beers you love.


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