#181: "Sand Disco"


Aren't you a little drunk for a stormtrooper?

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  • Rian Johnson confirms, yes, he is STILL working on his trilogy

  • Episode IX and The Mandalorian both wrap filming

  • New York Toy Fair Reveals some goodies

  • Commander ordered the Hot Toys CC-2224 "Commander Cody"

  • 2019's Force Friday Event will be a "Triple" Force Friday (for three SW titles)

  • Commonwealth Question of the Month: Pretend you are forced to rename every single SW saga film... what would you title them?



What's your best impression of the TIE fighter screech? Send a voice memo to roguesquadronpodcast@gmail.com with your best version and we'll play them on the show next week!



  • 3/3 - No Coast's 'Yoga Poser' Pale Ale


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