A New Hope - Fanboy Commentary #1

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Join us as we inject our thoughts & opinions of Star Wars along with the film.  This is part of an ongoing series we’ll be doing - fanboys making fun of the very movies we love!  If you appreciate Star Wars as much as we do, you know all the little mistakes and plot holes throughout the movies.  We’re really excited to share our inside jokes with everyone - and we want to know yours as well!  Enjoy the movie!


A Few Ways To Watch

Podcast Audio:

Download the podcast episode, and throw Star Wars up on your TV. We'll guide you through getting things synced up. Then just let the podcast play along with the movie!

(You can play the podcast here on the site, you can head to iTunes, or you can download the MP3.)


YouTube Audio:

Let this video from YouTube stream while you watch the movie on your TV. It's the same version as what's on the podcast feed above, just on YouTube instead of iTunes.

(You can also head to our YouTube channel to watch the vid.)