Star Wars Holiday Special - Fanboy Commentary #13

Christmas Special.JPG

Join us as we inject our thoughts & opinions of Star Wars along with the film.  This is part of an ongoing series we’ll be doing - fanboys making fun of the very movies we love!  If you appreciate Star Wars as much as we do, you know all the little mistakes and plot holes throughout the movies.  We’re really excited to share our inside jokes with everyone - and we want to know yours as well!  Enjoy the movie!


A Few Ways To Watch

Podcast Audio:

Download the podcast episode, and throw Star Wars up on your TV. We'll guide you through getting things synced up. Then just let the podcast play along with the movie!

Make sure to sync up with the correct version - there are a ton of VHS rips of the Holiday Special, so to sync this up properly, watch the version found at this link.

(You can play the podcast here on the site, you can head to iTunes, or you can download the MP3.)


Full Movie:

This video is already completely in sync with the full Holiday Special, so feel free watch it right here and save yourself some time!

(You can also head to our YouTube channel to watch the vid.)


Super Awkward Ultra Fabulous Commercial Version:

To make this an even more rewarding experience, we have a VHS version of the Special that includes ALL THE TV COMMERCIALS! And even a few somber news reports in there too. Watch this version to get the full 1970s glory.

(You can also head to our YouTube channel to watch the vid.)