Star Wars Trivia!


Join your favorite Star Wars podcast as we filter through some ridiculous Star Wars trivia, ranging from embarrassingly easy to annoyingly difficult! Lord Kerner joins us again for this special episode.

Our rules for trivia:

• All questions are found on playing cards

• Everyone takes turns asking questions of the other 2 participants

• The two of us waiting to answer a question, must buzz in 

• We HAVE to buzz in with a Star Wars quote! (The most difficult part of the game)

• The first person to buzz in can answer. If they get it correct, they win that card. If they get it wrong, the other person has a chance to answer without buzzing in.

• Some questions are labeled as “STEAL” cards. Whoever gets this question correct can steal a card from the opponent.

• Whoever has the most cards at the end, wins!

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